A Call to Prayer and Fasting!

The leadership of IAM United in Love in the Iowa Annual Conference are asking Iowa United Methodists to fast and pray for the direction of our annual conference and the UMC. In the historical questions of John Wesley asked of each candidate for ordination we are asked “Will you recommend fasting or abstinence, both by precept and example?” As Elders and Deacons in the UMC we promise that we will!

We are calling for prayer for the guidance of God through the Holy Spirit to know how best to advocate now and in the future for the full inclusion of all of God’s people into the life of the United Methodist Church. We are praying for wisdom to stand with our LGBTQIA+ siblings in ways that lift up the Gospel of Jesus Christ and have the most impact within the UMC.

Join me at Sunset tomorrow night, and each Thursday, for the next six weeks in a Wesleyan fast that God would empower us to share God’s reckless love in our Church and with the whole world!

Click here to read the text of the call to fast and pray and consider joining your hearts and prayers with us by signing the statement and joining us in a holy fast.

In the name of the reckless love of Christ,

Pastor Tim