The Ministry of Christ like Relationships

My wife and move to Indianola this week to become a part of the family of faith at Indianola, First UMC. We’ve just been here 48 hours so there are a lot of part emptied boxes both in the parsonage and in my new office. Unpacking is a messy business and it often looks more scattered before it starts to look ordered.

Now is one of the most important times of ministry at a church, that is the beginning of new relationships. My former District Superintendent Tom Carver says, “Relationships are everything.” I believe Tom is right. We are able to minister together, serve Christ together, dream dreams of faith together, and travel along the path of faith together because we are relationship.

Our first relationship is our relationship with Jesus Christ. People often confuse the Christianity faith with a set of rules or a set of beliefs. But in truth Christianity is a living relationship with our living savior, Jesus Christ.

Similarly, church is not just a collection of people together in the same building worshipping. We are a faith family, we are the body of Christ. For a body to work well together it must move together, travel together, and head in the same direction together.

One of the things I love about being a pastor is that I get to spend time building relationships with other followers of Christ here in Indianola. Over the coming weeks, months and years it will be one of my focuses to build Christ like, loving, caring and growing relationships with God’s people here at Indianola First and in the Indianola community.

It is in relationship that the spirit of God is revealed to us. It is in relationship that we experience God and God’s love. It is relationships that grow and transform us into the likeness of Christ.