Itineracy in the UMC

Many of you have seen on Facebook that I’m going to be moving at the end of June to be the Lead Pastor of First UMC Indianola from Grace UMC in Sioux City.

This seemed like a good time to repost a popular blog entry of mine that explains why “call systems” are not better than itineracy.

I do strongly support the itinerant system, even when it means moving when I was not thinking about it or at a time that is not easy timing because I believe it is the best way to deploy clergy. Here is a link to my previous blog entry about misunderstands about the call system that come from my previous experience in another part of the Christian family.

As part of the itinerant system I’ve had better matches and better church experiences than at almost any time in a call system. I’ll miss Grace UMC. But I know I will be blessed in Indianola as well!