Controlling Facebook Rather than Facebook Controlling You

I’ve had several friends share with me that Facebook and other social media sites are completely stressing them out because they can’t get away from the constant barrage of political news both before and after the election. Many of our friends constantly repost articles from news sites to their feeds that show up in our news feeds. Many of us over the years have followed new organizations online that are constantly posting about every little detail of what is going on.

Since CNN was created as the first 24 hour news source on cable TV, the landscape of news has changed from a time for news after dinner and at 10p or 11p to a constant stream of news reporting from multiple sites and sources, if you are willing to receive that constant fire hose of information.

On Facebook there are some ways to take control of your feed so that you see less news on Facebook and more interaction with friends.

1. Unfollow any news media site you have chosen to like and follow that stresses you. (Easy and quick to do.)

2. Hide posts posted by friends from news sites then you will be given the opportunity to either see less from that news source (or individual) or to totally hide all articles/posts from that news source. (Takes more time, but eventually you will only see what you want to read in your feed.) NOTE – you do not have to unfriended anyone to do this.  

3. When you really do want to read news, then go to a news site and read it rather than rely on FB as your news source. But if it is stressing you, limit the amount of time you spend reading news.

4. Most important of all, take care of yourself, go get a cup of coffee with friends, read a book, listen to music, don’t let the news cycle dominate your day.

Just because the news media and social media sites want you to read news 24 hours a day, doesn’t mean you have to or should. Be informed, yes! But be informed in a healthy way rather than an obsessive way.