Take a Deep Deep Breath….

We had an election. About half of the people in the US supported the outcome. About half of the people in the US supported the other candidate. A large percentage of people were and are uncertain about the future, our nation, and our ability to have public dialogue. That would have been the same no matter who won. 
However you voted, you have not stopped being my friend.

Christians sometimes have to remind ourselves that we cannot let the Church, its mission, its future, or its sense of unity be dictated by national and political forces. 

Sisters and brothers, take a deep breath. Remember that we all serve a risen Christ together. Come to worship this Sunday and remember we are still Christ’s body together.

If you are one of my friends, Christian or non-Christian, who feels disenfranchised, hurt or left out by this election or the entire process of choosing our leaders, know that those who would leave you out, those who would marginalize you, and those who would silence your voice do not speak for me. And they do not speak for all Christians. This Christian believes that you are a child of God and because of that, we are all family. I hope that we can grow in treating each other like family in the days to come.

Tim Bonney