Tech Tuesday – Parallels

I’m a long time Mac user. Most of the time I prefer to work in the Apple environment. But many times I’m the only Mac user in the church I’m serving. That happens to be true in Sioux City as well. So when you are the only Mac user you often have to find ways to fit in with those poor lost souls who are running Windows. 😉

One of the biggest problems is dealing with pieces of software that only have a Windows version. This problem is much smaller than it used to be with Mac OS versions of Microsoft Office available which saves to the same file formats as the PC does. But you still have to deal with the frustration that the two office suites are not the same. If a windows user sends a Mac user Publisher file often you cannot do a thing with them.

So, when you are in a mixed OS office what is the solution? Well one of the best solutions out there is to run a system emulator such as Parallels or VMWare Fusion. (Parallels is my personal favorite.)

Parallels allows you to run Windows 10 and Windows programs at the very same time you are running Mac OS X and Mac apps. You can run the Windows in a separate window, or you can run both at the same time in what is called “coherence mode.”

In coherence mode you run windows programs and apps right on top of the Mac desktop as if they are Mac OS X programs. So what can you do with this? Well, right now I am using the PC version of MS Office which allows me to use Publisher and all the PC centric software that Microsoft intentionally make more function for PCs than Macs.

Take a look at the screen shot from my Mac. (Mac users, try not to get queazy as you look at Microsoft Edge running right on my desktop. 🙂  )

Screenshot 2016-08-23 14.29.04

By having Chrome, Windows Explorer, Edge, and Safari, etc. I am able to test our church website or my blog in multiple browsers to see how it looks.

If you need both Mac OS X and Windows, Parallels is a great solution!