Tech Tuesday

macbook-pro-with-bad-creditOn Tuesday’s I’m going to be sharing with you about some area of technology related to the Church.

I thought I’d start by sharing with software that I use in ministry and find useful in my daily work as a pastor. Some of these are iPhone or iPad applications and other are for Mac or Windows computing platforms.

While I’m a dedicated Mac user I have a Microsoft Office 365 subscription because MS Office has pretty much become the standard set of programs for word processing and spreadsheets. If you send someone a Word document they almost always can read it. Also, Microsoft does now have a pretty nice version of Word that I use regularly on my iPad Pro.

On my iPad or iPhone I also use the OliveTree Bible app. While a lot of the material that OliveTree sells is from a definite conservative/evangelical slant, they have Bible versions including NRSV and the new Common English Bible. They also have available the Wesley Study Bible notes that can be used with any of the translations. If you took Greek in seminary you can get the New Testament in Koine Greek as well.

For email on my iPad and iPhone I use the Microsoft Outlook app primarily because it works so very well with gmail and allows you to schedule emails to reappear at a given day or time to serve as a reminder to respond. You can have your email come back later in the day, tomorrow, next week or whenever you decide.

I use a mileage app called “Trip Cubby” to keep track of my business mileage. And I find Dropbox to be an invaluable resource for file sharing between devices and other individuals. It is the fastest syncing of the different cloud applications out there.

As far as web resources go, if you are a lectionary preacher, I’d check out and for many helpful links.