This Holy Week

Tomorrow morning officially beings Holy Week. In this week we will walk with Jesus as he journeys through the last week of his earthly life. We will remember Jesus Last Supper with his Disciples on Maundy Thursday. We will contemplate the importance of Christ’s death on the cross on Good Friday and finally after journeying with Christ through this week we will celebrate his resurrection at Easter.

I say all that to say that we have no right to jump from the triumphal entry straight to Easter. We cannot really celebration the resurrection of Christ with full understanding and the most joyful of hearts without really contemplating Christ’s sacrifice for us.

We do not like to think about the cross and Christ’s suffering. His suffering was ugly and horrible. It reminds us all of the deepest darkness that is potentially in the soul of every human being allowing humans to commit acts of horror, brutality, genocide and hate.

But if we are to be a better people, a growing people and a redeemed people we need to look straight into the heart of that darkness and realize that sometimes that darkness can be found within us.

Jesus came not just to be a nice guy with a comforting philosophy of life. He can to conquer sin, death evil and hell. He came to give God victory over evil. He can to transform the world beginning with each of us, beginning with me.