Methodist Connexions Full Speed Ahead!

I’m really excited about the first few days of the new discussion forum site  We now have 16 members, who have made 324 posts, on 46 topics.

If you are a Methodist/Wesleyan Christian who would like to try out this new forum we’d love to see you!  Or if you’d just like to learn more about what it means to be a Wesleyan Christian pop on over.

1 thought on “Methodist Connexions Full Speed Ahead!

  1. John Hampton

    Pretty fantastic! The discussions are deep, thought provoking discussions too; which is great. The world is full of ‘safe’ discussions about simple topics like “Should we evangelize more or not”. But what about Discussions like “What’s the difference between our relationship with God in the Old and New Testament” or even discussions surrounding United Methodist social principles! Not just another forum; a unique discussion place for sure!

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