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You may remember that last year I talked about starting a new discussion forum but it just never quite got off the ground.  I think in part it was because I tried to get it going myself without some good collaboration from other internet involved United Methodists.

Well this time I’m really excited to say that a fellow United Methodist pastor and I have started a new online discussion forum for United Methodists and other Weseyan Christians.  The location of the forum is .  

So why start an online forum given that there are a lot of discussion groups already on Facebook?

Well Facebook groups have some severe limitations.  When you post Facebook decides what posts end up at the top of the page. Posts aren’t threaded in ways that are easy to find if you want to find a discussion that happened even a day or two ago.  You can’t divide threads into topics or groups.  You just have to page down and down and down to find the post.

The software we are using at Methodist Connexions allows you to search your posts, post in under different topics, and follow threads in ways that Facebook won’t allow.

Also Methodist Connexions will allow you to register using your real name or any handle you want to use.  The purpose of this is that sometimes you may want to ask a question about difficult issues in the church, hot button topics, etc. but you really don’t want every friend you ever had to know you are asking a tough question.

I am using my real name on the forum so that those who register do know that I’m an identifiable United Methodist Pastor.

If you’d like to try a different kind of forum other than Facebook groups and pages, if you’d like to hang out on a site specifically designed for Wesleyan Christians, if you’d like to talk about subjects that are challenging for the whole Church and faith you might want to drop by.  If so I’ll look forward to seeing you there!

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