CROP Walk, Those in Need, and Social Holiness

ImageI was really proud of Grace UMC this week!  Every year we participate in the annual CROP Walk to raise funds for Church World Services and the work they do with those who are hungry and needy here in Iowa and around the world.

The past several weeks we’ve shown video clips about CROP and the need to participate.  We had both a very strong turn out of walkers and, as of tonight, we raised a new record amount from our church for CROP!  Thanks to the Grace family for stepping out in faith and stepping out for those in need!  Joan Holh our CROP Coordinator worked very hard this year to make participation a priority and she deserves a big thank you too!

Our work this month on CROP reminded me of the importance in Wesleyan faith on Social Holiness.  John Wesley believed that there is no personal holiness without social holiness and even went so far as to say that there is no holiness OTHER than social holiness.

Often we think of holiness as my own personal devotional life or my personal walk with God.  Just me and God enjoying each other’s company.   There has hardly ever been a man more committed to rigorous study, worship, and confession as John Wesley.  Yet John believed in a “Practical Divinity” that taught that the Christian life isn’t just about what I do in my prayer closet.  It is about how I live my life in the world, how effect the lives of my neighbors and how I make a difference in my community and the world.

Because of his passion for social holiness the United Methodist Church has a passion for social needs and ministries of justice as well!  Your faith and my faith has to make a difference not just to you and me but to those around us.

The United Methodist motto is “Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World.”  We aren’t Christ’s follows for our own benefit only.  We are making disciples and becoming disciples to change our world and bring in the reign of Christ!

So again to all of you who hoofed it down Morningside Ave. this Sunday and to all of you who contributed in our special offerings for CROP thanks  and remember you were walking on holy ground!