Touching Base with the BOM

Yesterday I had another meeting with my examining committee from the Board of Ordained Ministry.  As a Provisional Member of the Conference I’m required to meet with the committee annually either to apply for continuation of my Provisional status or to apply for a change of status.

The Book of Discipline 2008 requires that you serve as a Provisional Member of the conference for at least two years while serving full-time in a UMC church.  So I know that I would be asking for continuance at this point.

As was the case last year, I enjoyed the interview.  The committee was very gracious and supportive of my moving from Baptist ministry to United Methodist ministry.  I had another opportunity to share my reasons for this change and to talk about my ministry at First UMC in Cedar Falls.

Having finished the UMC History Class I am now taking the UMC Doctrine Class and will need to finish that class and the UMC Polity class before next year in order to apply for full connection.  So my hope is to finish both classes during this coming year and apply for approval for membership in the conference in full-connection in 2013.

When I look back the process has gone quickly.  But at the same time it was November of 2009 when I contacted the DS in the Central District to talk about UMC ministry.

I guess time flies when you are having fun.  And time flies when you feel like you are where God wants you to be.