Continued Steps Along the Way

A few weeks back I finished my United Methodist history class having turned in the required study/essay questions.  So this week I sent off the for the next GBHEM course on UMC Doctrine.  This is the next step in working towards full membership in the Iowa Annual Conference.  I was granted Provisional Membership this past June and will be a Provisional Member for at least two years.  During that time I am required to complete courses in UMC history, doctrine, and polity.  I am working to complete the course work as soon as I can.

As part of being a Provisional Member  of the Conference I will be meeting with the Board of Ordained Ministry again in February for a check in meeting.  This is an annual requirement as long as one holds Provisional Membership.

I’ve found the continued conversations with the BOM and the course work to be very informative and formational as I’ve been learning more every day about being a United Methodist.  I also continue to have a great time working at First UMC in Cedar Falls.

In a week I will celebrate the 21st anniversary of my ordination.  If there is anything I’ve learned in the past 21 years of ministry it is that faith is a journey, a pilgrimage in which we seek to learn and grow closer to to God by God’s grace.  When I look back I see a lot of road behind me.  But when I look ahead it is exciting to see plenty of travel ahead of me!