Good Things Coming

I’ve been in my office today packing boxes of books.  No, I’ve not receive a new appointment.  I’m packing up my office because all of us at First UMC are getting ready to move out of our offices so that our offices can be renovated as part of our building program.  We will gather in the Parlor as the new church office and scatter about the building as we need to do our work.   But it is a good thing!  I’m reminded how often packing boxes is a good thing.  It was a real blessing in my life in July of 2010 to move here to serve at First UMC.  As a Pastor I’ve packed up my office many times as God has moved us into a new ministry, a new church, and a new community.

All the change that goes with moving, be it to a new church or just down the hall to a new office, involve some work and some patience.  Our Senior Pastor, Steve Williams, has regular talked about being positive, patient, and prayerful as our church moves forward in our building program and as we move forward as a church with new ministries and new opportunities of service to the Lord.

Some of those new opportunities I’m excited about include upcoming mission trips with members of First UMC.  In January three of us will be part of a group of twenty-four United Methodists traveling to Puerto Rico to spend two weeks work in the town of Comerio helping two Methodist Churches with renovation projects.  I just seems right that as God has blessed us to be able to renovation our own church building we respond to the opportunity to do the same for another church.

Also this summer a group will be traveling to Red Bird Mission in Kentucky to work there.  Red Bird serves in the Appalachian mountains with needy people in that part of our nation as a mission of the United Methodist Church.  I believe right now we have over twenty members of First UMC going on this trip.

This time of year is my favorite time as we look forward to Thanksgiving and the Advent and Christmas Seasons.  We have so much to be grateful as God keeps blessing us with the Good things that are coming!