How Much Social Media is Enough?

With the proliferation of Social Media sites I am starting to wonder how many are enough, or how many are too many to keep up with.  I’ve noticed Tweetdeck will now follow Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Buzz (which is going to be discontinued by Google), Linkedin, and Foursquare.  So far Google Plus is not supported.

But with so many Social Media sites I find that I have looked for means to cross post and read more than one site at a time with something like Seesmic or Tweekdeck to name two.  But I have begun to wonder which of these sites I intend to keep following.
Some already are no longer getting much attention from me.  I find that while I was initially excited about Google Plus I just can’t get that excited about it now.  It seems like a poor cousin of Facebook and most of my friends are there.

I certainly find following Facebook and Twitter have been good means of communicating with colleagues.  Twitter has worked well for conversations about events I’ve attended with fellow attendees.  But I’m finding less use for the others.  What do you think?

How many social media sites do you try to follow?

2 thoughts on “How Much Social Media is Enough?

  1. Timothy Post author

    Val, I have accounts on several of the sites. But I find that I use Facebook the most followed by Twitter, Linkedin, and Goodle Plus occasionally.

    Linkedin is more for business professionals who are going to be hunting a job. Being under appointment, job hunting isn’t something I do. So mostly I just stay connected with friends.

  2. Val P.

    Facebook is more than enough for me. I also “belong” to LinkedIn, but I can’t say I “use” it. I usually accept an invitation to “connect” from a friend, but I have yet to see what use it is.

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