Friday Links – July 8, 2011

This is going to be my first edition of Friday Links.  On Friday’s I’ll try to share with you some links to other blogs and sites of interest related to ministry that I’ve enjoyed reading.

An article on the United Methodist Reporter site about the use if iPads in worship.

iPad preachers – More clergy e-readers in ministry

Here is an article about concerns about Christian Zionism from Connexions.

What is wrong with Christian Zionism?

An excellent article by Taylor Burton Edwards on Emerging UMC Blog about the UMC Orders for Elders and Deacons

Ordination, Orders and Rule of Life

As I get into the swing of offering some links each week I expect to offer a few more.  But in my day off reading today these are some that caught my eye.

Besides reading articles on the net today I’ve enjoyed one of the values of living across the street from my church.  The new church building addition which we broke ground for this past Sunday got under way in ernest today!  There were dump trucks, loaders, a chippers shredder, and a small bull dozer to watch begin preparing the site west of the church building for construction!  The Lord is good!