Embracing Change!

In the past few months my life and the life of my family has all been about change.  We have changed the city we live in.  We have moved from our own home, moved into a parsonage, and sold our house.  I have changed my work from one parish to another.  But more than that I have changed denominational families seeking to transfer my orders to the United Methodist Church and embracing all the change that entails.

First United Methodist is also going through changes as are all churches.  We are changing service times, we are starting a new contemporary worship experience at a new time and location with a new theme to replace the worship we are now conducting.  We are in a building program and are gearing up to remodel and build onto the church facility to enhance the ministries of our church.

One of life’s big truths is that things always change.  Our society changes, our culture changes, people’s needs change, our families change, even our own bodies change as we mature, grow up, and grow older.  Life in fact is a series of changes, decisions, transitions, and more changes.

So we can choose to do a number things with that change.  We can fear change and allow that fear to rule our lives.  We can resist the inexorable change only to find that things change no matter what we do.  Or we can embrace change, be excited about change, plan for change, work with change, encourage change, grow with change, and become agents of change.

The UMC motto is “Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World.”  That tells me that change is actually what the mission of the church and the gospel of Jesus Christ is all about.

May God change me, transform me, and make me more like Jesus!