I’m a New Circuit Writer/Rider

I am the Associate Pastor of First United Methodist Church of Ceder Falls, Iowa.  My appointment to First officially started July 1 (yesterday!).  This is my first appointment in the United Methodist Church having come to the UMC from the American Baptist denomination.  In recognition of starting a in an exciting new church position in an exciting faith family I decided to fire up a new blog.

On this blog I will be talking about happenings at First United Methodist Church, the activities, ministries, and mission of the church and in particular the Greenhouse contemporary worship service which I will be preaching in on a weekly basis.

I will also share reflections on my growing understanding of the United Methodist faith family and anything else that I find interesting.

I also wanted to share a bit of information about the name of the blog.  I have been a member of Ecunet for many years.  Ecunet is one of the oldest and most interesting faith communities on the internet.  The history of Ecunet is too long for me to share it all here.  But at one time one of the constituent networks on Ecunet was “Circuit Writer Network.”  It was a network for United Methodists on Ecunet.  And while I was mainly a reader of ABNET, I enjoyed reading the Ecunet notes on Circuit Writer Network as well.  I’m sorry to say that Circuit Writer Network is no longer active.  But I alway thought the name was creative.  It is an obvious play on words for Circuit Rider.  So I have adopted part of the name as the name of my blog.

United Methodist pastors are “itinerant.”  This means that those of us serving in the UMC agree to be placed where the Bishop and the Cabinet of the Conference believe we can best lead and help in ministry in the Annual Conference.  UMC pastors are sent to local churches and when ministry needs arise, “itinerate” or move to another ministry setting under direction of our Bishop and the Cabinet.  In the beginning of the Methodist movement circuit riders road on horse back all over the country side preaching, teaching, and leading people to faith in Christ among Methodist societies and churches and circuits they were assigned to.  I will share more about itinerant ministry in future blog posts.  But suffice it to say I found the name “Circuit Writer” compelling in recognition of the unique servant ministry of circuit riding ministers and the fine networks that were once a part of the Ecunet family.